Bridget Verdun on Turning a Corporate Career into an Entrepreneurial Dream

For most of my adult years, I have secretly yearned for an authentic way to express the beauty of my mixed eastern and western cultural heritage (my father is of Pakistani descent, and my mother is American born with European and Cherokee Indian roots).

I created Spicecloth, an eastern inspired upscale girls clothing brand, to highlight the immense beauty that comes from merging two opposing or very different things together. My mission is to create a new genre and expression of fashion design for children and to change the way people view cultural differences through Spicecloth's inspiration, education, and fashion. Spice Cloth will tell the new modern American stories of mixed heritage and ethnic pride, highlighting the beauty in unique, mixed cultural backgrounds through fabrics, designs, photography, styling, and the people who are involved.

Spicecloth came at an unexpected time in my life. I had a second baby on the way, and was working full time for Vosges Haut-Chocolat, a Chicago based luxury chocolate company birthed by a dynamic, self-made entrepreneur named Katrina Markoff. I by no means had any time to spare.

But the time and feelings were right. Inspired by Katrina's entrepreneurial spirit and her own story of humble roots and building a business enterprise from the ground up, I just knew I had to take the leap for myself. A couple of months later, Spicecloth was born.
While I still have a way to go before bringing my brand to market, I feel incredibly excited that the most important steps are now behind me. Just as the inspiration and concept for Spicecloth were years in the making, Spicecloth was not built overnight. Developing the brand and the product has involved extensive planning, market research, product development, relationship building, and self education, not to mention a lot of sweat and countless sleepless nights. I'm on my way to building a business that I hope will see success and, one fabulous dress at a time, change the way people view different cultures, different people, and life.